Cusco LSD Type RS 1.5 way Limited Slip Differential Ford Fiesta ST180

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Cusco Limited Slip Differentials are the best LSD's you can get for your vehicle. Whether you own a sports coupe, saloon, SUV or a racing competition car Cusco will have a Limited Slip Differential for your needs. If you get tired of one wheel peels or want to drift properly, or improve your lap times Cusco Type RS, Type MZ & Type Hybrid differentials will definitely take care of all that. 1 Way, 1.5 Way or 2 Way LSD's from Cusco are engineered and perfected in Japan and they are guaranteed to give you the most out of your driving experience.

The Difference Between 1 Way, 1.5 Way, and 2 Way LSD

CUSCO is the only manufacturer that provides a setting for all three options.

  • 1 Way LSD is effective when load is applied to the differential (applied throttle load), and is not effective when load is not applied.

  • 1.5 Way LSD is effective when load is applied to the differential (applied throttle load), and is half-effective when load is not applied.

  • 2 Way LSD is effective both ways when there is load or no load applied to the differential.

2 Way LSD will be active during both acceleration and deceleration which enables to maintain the same slip rate during cornering. This results in an extremely controllable movement and eliminates any unexpected movements. The 2 Way also gives stability when braking into a turn and cures the braking oversteer characteristic.

1 Way LSD is not active during deceleration.

Both the 1.5 Way and 2 Way LSD are effective on and between acceleration and deceleration.

The Difference between Type MZ, Type RS and Hybrid Differentials

Type RS - Aggressive lock engagement - lower initial torque required. Recommended for Track use.

Type MZ - Track / Street friendly differential. Higher initial torque required to lock the differential.

Hybrid - This LSD combines the best qualities of the Type MZ & Type RS. Mostly suited for automatic transmissions and street driving.

A standard open differential is a component that transfers the rotational energy (torque) produced by the engine to the wheels. As the vehicle is making its turn, the inside wheel tends to rotate more slowly than the outer. If either of the wheel loses contact with the ground and is in a ‘floating’ state, the vehicle will lose all its traction capabilities and will not accelerate forward. (This open differential is only designed to provide smooth turning characteristics of the vehicle, thus made for the outside wheel to rotate more revolutions than the inner when making a turn.) *Assuming that Open Diff = Standard Factory Equipped Differential

An LSD system eliminates the uneven power distribution which tends to apply more rotational drivetrain energy to the wheel that has less grip. During aggressive driving (involving lots of turns), an LSD unit efficiently distributes the torque from the wheel with less grip capabilities to the wheel that has more, enabling more traction for the vehicle. (Basically, it eliminates the difference in rotation between the left and right wheel during a vehicle turn, with even power distribution to each wheel).

Type-RS SPEC-F / Type MZ SPEC-F (NEW!)

The Spec-F LSD feature a special at friction clutch plates which translates to a milder initial engagement when acceleration is ON or OFF. This setup is perfect for rear wheel drive setups in circuit situations, as well as minimizing powerloss for low horsepowered vehicles. The key is the newly designed inner tabbed at friction clutch plates combined with outer tabbed MZ plates enables a smooth and mild e ectiveness when most needed.


  • Newly developed FFD (Flat Friction Disks)

  • High precision polished disk surface for smooth and stable e ect

  • Smooth LSD engagement with mild features perfect for street use

  • Metal disk materials provide stability from low to high temperature

  • Cold forged high strength cold chromoly gears for endurance and longevity

  • Spec-F FFD is swappable with any existing Type-RS & Type MZ LSD units

Recommended For:

  • Oversensitive LSDs during high speed cornering

  • Time attack vehicles at a high speed track

  • Minimise powerloss for underpowered vehicles

  • More precise control on wet surfaces

  • High grip tyres

Limited Slip Differential Applications:

Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive Cars

Front Engine Front Wheel Drive Cars

All Wheel Drive Cars

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