B58 Zero to Hero tuning packages

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Bundle deal: STG1
B58, it speaks for itself, what an absolute unbelievable engine that will certainly go down in history.

Tuning on the B58 platform is a pleasure for us at H-sport, minimal modifications needed and stupendous amounts of power to be gained.

Options below listed as a bundle, we can personalise this bundle for you for specific parts. Extras on all bundles can include panel filters / induction kits as well as PPF/GPF deletes for the later model year cars, contact us for more information.

STG1 tuning on this platform is designed for completely stock hardware. With TRS performance STG1 tuning this will put you in the region of 420-430BHP and 600+NM, with ease. Along with the increased power we also rescale the sports dials and give you the option of cold start delete.

The STG1 bundle is designed for stock hardware vehicles and includes the excellent TRS Performance STG1 ECU tuning plus the XHP Gearbox tuning. The bundle from us costs £680 saving £100 over RRP

STG2 tuning on the B58 platform only consists of removing the stock catylic converter. This can be replaced with either a decat downpipe or a sports cat downpipe, both in which we offer.

Once the back pressure is reduced with the stock downpipe removed, revised tuning is necessary. This is due to the turbocharger wanting to overshoot desired boost pressure. STG2 tuning will see around 440-450bhp and 625+NM

The STG2 bundle consists of VRSF 4.5" de-cat downpipe, as well as the TRS Performance STG2 ECU tuning plus the XHP Gearbox tuning. The bundle would cost £1050 saving £230.50 over RRP

Fitting on the downpipe is available for an additional £120 plus vat

VRSF Sports cat also available for an additional £200

The STG2+ Bundle incorporates a downpipe along with a B58TU fuel pump and one step colder NGK iridium spark plugs. This allows a massive increase of torque throughout the midrange especially, this is where the stock fuel pump cannot keep up with fuel demand. STG2+ tuning will see around 470bhp and 650+NM

This bundle would cost £1470, saving £350 over RRP

Fitting on the downpipe, HPFP and spark plugs would cost £220 plus vat

VRSF Sports cat available for an additional £200

Further in-depth details regarding the software offer can be found below.

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